Year-Round Specials

Military Discounts
25% off tanning and products.

Please bring ID card.



New Customers 

With the purchase of at least (1) tan at full price, new customers receive (2) free tans in same bed as purchase and (1) free  minute Far Infrared Sauna session.

Farmers, Truckers, Construction Workers, Mail Workers, Delivery Drivers, Mechanics! Come Get even to prepare ahead for that Winter Vaca! 

Fall Savings!

We are excited to introduce the Vacationer Package! Get the color you need with trying multiple beds! Vacay pack includes 10 tanning sessions total, 3 tans in 3 different level beds and one spray tan session to get you that perfect glow for your trip or whatever adventure life is throwing your way! Ask our associates for more information!

End of summer, bring on the cool weather and even out those lines! Anyone in these industries of work posted below get 20% off any BRONZING bed packages. 3,5,10,15 Tans or month unlimited. Must be in a bronzing bed, faster results. (Cover up the tan parts or bring SPF) We are SURE your partners will appreciate it. We want to see those lines! To get the discount, show us what you're working with so we can better accommodate you! Education is key to accommodate all client needs. No, we don't want to see your butt or privates, but we like to see what you got going on for tan lines. We get it and want to help you get the results you're looking for!

  • ​​​​​​​ Early Bird week day special; single tans are half price from 10a.m.-12p.m. Monday - Friday
  • Sunday Special; single tans are half price all day
  • Referral Discount; refer a new customer and get 10% off tanning packages and products
  • Bridal Party; all members receive 25% off tanning packages, products & spray tans​

   Discounts cannot be combined 

   Tanning Club Memberships


​   $80.00 per month plus tax  

​     Enjoy unlimited tanning in every bed 

3 Infrared Sauna Sessions per month

​     15% discount on spray tans

     20% discount on products

​     10% off on renewal​   


 Never a joining fee

3 month term for memberships

Credit card will be automatically charged every 31 days

PSA  - Please DO NOT apply any essential oils to your skin prior to tanning outside or in a tanning bed