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​​​We carry a wide selection of    premium tanning lotions & moisturizing lotions by

  • Australian Gold
  • Millennium
  • California Tan
  • Designer Skin
  • Devoted Creations
  • Emerald Bay
  • Hempz
  • Supre Tan
  • Swedish Beauty

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You need more than UV light to achieve a beautiful and long-lasting suntan. Naturally, your skin will try to reflect UV rays in order to prevent sunburn... So, when you are tanning in a controlled environment like a sunbed, you want your skin to absorb those UV rays in order to oxidize melanin and/or to synthesize Vitamin D. Professional tanning products (AKA "lotions") are designed specifically for this purpose. The indoor tanning products we carry and recommend play an important role in the tanning process. Indoor tanning lotions provide critical moisturizers, amino acids, and melanin boosters to your skin to help you achieve a faster, darker, more beautiful tan. Tanning lotion also works to replenish moisture in your skin that is depleted from the tanning process, which, in turn, helps you maintain a longer lasting tan. Remember, healthy skin is the foundation of a successful tan. 

9 Tanning Beds

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Outrageous Tan provides the latest in tanning solutions for all skin types.  

If you "just don't tan outside?"  We have the solution.

If you tan easily, we have the solution. 

The following beds available for your use;

Competition 226

Level 1
20-minute maximum exposure schedule
28 120watt body bulbs
8 facial bulbs

SunDash Performance 240
Level 1
15-minute maximum exposure schedule
20 170-watt bulbs & 20 120-watt bulbs

Radius SunDash Stand up 252
Level 2
12-minute maximum exposure schedule
52 bulbs 180-watt bulbs
Lights surround your body
Turbo powered fan system

Ergoline Advantage 400
Level 3
Promotes a deeper tan faster than in a traditional bed
12-minute maximum exposure bronzing schedule
Only 15% UVB rays
42 Ergoline VHP turbo  power 140-watt UV lamps
3 VIT 400-watt high-pressure facial tanners

Ergoline Classic 600 Bronzer
Level 4
Promotes a deeper tan faster than in a traditional bed
12-minute maximum exposure

160 watt body lamps
5 shoulder bulbs
4 adjustable 2.3 VIT 500-watt high pressure facial lamps
50 170-watt Genesis reflector bulbs
Decrease in UVB rays

Soltron Flying Orange

- XL75 Turbo Power

​Level 4

Extreme Comfort!

Promotes a deeper tan faster than in a traditional bed
12-minute maximum exposure

53 160 watt body lamps

4 adjustable high pressure facial bulbs

​7 25watt shoulder lamps

Built in air conditioner

​Adjustable surround cooling head and body ventilator